under the cover of darkness

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Were you a 'reading under the covers' type of kid when you were younger? I certainly was. I didn't mean to be a rebellious child, but it seemed that I could never get enough of the stories and the characters and the WORDS, oh, wonderful words. I devoured whatever I could find, and then hungered for more. I read my father's westerns, my mother's mysteries, and the Reader's Digest Condensed Books. The local librarians and I were on a first name basis. With all of this glorious material available, who could go an entire night without a book?
Already, my oldest child is shaping up to be a 'reading under the covers' kid. She is only four, and not yet able to read; but I have often found her flipping through her picture books and making up stories about the illustrations (holding whispered conversations with herself), when she should be sweetly dreaming instead. It makes a mother proud.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. My mother would say that I ruined my eyes that way. Definitely worth it, though. I'm so glad to be a grown up so that I can stay up as long as I want. (Even though I am such a stickler for my son's bedtime -what a hypocrite!)

Terra said...

I used to read under the covers too. Too often my mum would check in on me and I would quickly try and stash my book away and pretend to be asleep. She never bought it! XD

I am now a follower. Great blog. I have an award for you!

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky. I never got into reading until I got to university and picked up Lord of the Rings.