Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am a rereader. Sometimes, when I head to the bookshelf to find my next fix, I forgo the shiny new books in their uncrinkled dust jackets in order to reread a worn favorite. Strange, I know; but there is something about curling up with a familiar book that is cozy and comfortable. Every time I reread a book, I find plot points that I had missed before. I get a deeper insight into the world that exists inside of it. I greet the characters like old friends. (Ah, there you are, Jane. Tell me again about the day that you first met Mr. Rochester. Hello, Mr. Montag. Why don't we take a walk around the corner and catch up with Clarisse?)

How about you? Do you like to revisit the books that you love? Or do you read them once and move on, leaving the worlds to exist only in memory?


Lori said...

I definitely re-read - - which is why I can't get rid of so many books!
I read Pride & Prejudice at least once a year. And I have re-read all my Ann Rule and Jerry Bledsoe books many times. As well as Fatal Vision, Scales of Justice and Helter Skelter. But to name a few!

HeartNet said...

I re-read favorite books. Jane Austen's Clan of the Cave Bear and all books in the series, Tolkien's, some Grishams. They're old friends of mine, and it's lovely to visit them once in a while.

I, too, have a book blog that you might enjoy. Click on the link: Creative Views and see if you like it enough to follow. Thanks.

ParaJunkee said...

I am an avid re-reader. I have a 2 - 5 year cycle, depending on the book. I re-read a lot of Heinlein & Tolkien, but a lot of time I reread a series when a new one is coming out..which is always fun because you get to catch up right before the next one is releases. Great blog BTW...I'm following.

NotNessie said...

Lovely post! I like to reread Jane Austen, Harry Potter, David Eddings and many other old favorites.